Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Facebook Killed The Blogger Star

So my lack of posts has continued to be painfully obvious. Not only did I fail to follow-up with my NYC trip details, but I have since been to Chicago for my Homecoming Part 2.

And quite honestly I have no interest in posting anything about them. My desire to meet new people and keep my friends updated with my life has remained important. However, I have discovered that Facebook has become the preferred outlet for these sorts of things. The rise of Facebook has essentially killed all drive to maintain this blog. I might return to blogging should Facebook fail me but for now I am taking a hiatus.

Facebook has many advantages over's faster, user friendly and more anonymous....well, what I mean is that only my friends (and trust me, I am not one of those freaks on Facebook with 4000 "friends) can see my Facebook page. The Blog is open to everyone and I no longer desire that sort of audience. Since moving to Florida my life has changed drastically. I am by no means a hermit, afraid to leave his house. I have been enjoying all that Southern Florida has to offer, but I have learned from some of the mistakes I made in Chicago and I have made sure not repeat them here. As a result, I have a very low profile here in Florida, where in Chicago I was a bit of a gay socialite. In fact, I was probably too "popular" for my own good in Chicago. Even in a city that big I made a reputation for myself as being a "fun" boy. Well, once you have that sort of "fun" reputation it is nealry impossible to escape it no matter how hard you decide you don't want to be "fun" anymore and would actually want to finally settle down and find some sort of meaningful relationship. My two previous visits to Chicago have made this painfully obvious. My friends have either made comments that suggest they believe I am still living the wild life I had in CHicago, or I have run into old "buddies" who thought we were going to just pick up where we left off 9 months ago.

So Florida has been a time for settling down. No more friends with benefits, no more excessive "fun", no more weekend after weekend of binge drinking. It isn't easy finding other people who share this same perspective on life but I am a patient guy and I would rather be alone for the time being than disrepect myself by going against what I currently believe in. I am glad I had so much "fun" in Chicago but it's a different place and time for me now.

Goodbye bloggerland! I will see you on Facebook!

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