Friday, January 29, 2010

Bubble Boy

The lack of updates has been unintentional. This working full-time bullshit sucks! LOL. Thank god I am loving my new job. I am approaching the 90 day mark very quickly and I am praying I don't fuck things up. So far so good. The first phase of my training is completed and I have been flying solo for the most part. This job is more than I could have ever imagined. I am glad I didn't follow my original plans to complete post-graduate training. it would have been a complete waste of time!

Moving on........I have been meeting some really nice people down here. The gay scene is absolutely tragic in West Palm Beach but now that the freakish cold spell has finally left Florida I will be more motivated to drive to Fort Lauderdale and Miami for social activities. This weekend I am off and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. the sunshine really does put on in a pleasant mood. Even the psychopath drivers couldn't piss me off today :)

As for the title of my post, it is something that occured to me at the gym today as I was wondering around the equipment and hot boys listening to my iPod. As I gorw older I find myself more and more living in my own little world. I don't like to be the center of attention. A few years back when I did the whole Gay Chicago Socialite thing I became a bit of a "celebrity" and the one thing I learned is that I missed the anonymynity I had before doing all of the clubs, parties, festivals, etc. I think I prefer being that guy who is off to the corner just observing. I like the fact if people don't know who I am or what my deal is because the brave few that dare to find out what's going on in my bubble are generally the ones worth getting to know. Being too popular makes you vulnerable to being too accessible and I have learned that usually isn't a good thing.

So I shall retreat back to my bubble but not before I leave you with the Moenia and Maria jose duet from Moenia latest cash-in live album (wtf, they did a live album just 4 years ago!).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Technology and Lost Friends

The other day I was at the gym when I saw a middle aged obese black woman walking around with a Disc-man. I was surpised to see that in the day and age of iPods and the various mp3 player knock offs that someone would still bring a disc man to the gym as their preferred form of protable music. I pitied that woman and the people around her that have to put up with someone so out of touch with modern technology.

This also made me realize how I have lost friends over the years due to their reluctance to embrace technology. For example, I had a friend in Chicago that for the longest time was only able to be reached on his HOME telephone. Remember land lines? Well it wasn't until 2005 that he finally decided to get a cell phone. That purchase temporarily saved our friendship because I had just about given up trying to make plans with him but never being able to get a hold of him. Unfortunately that short lived revival in our friendship came to an end when he refused to add texting to his phone plan. Who the fuck doesn't have texting capabilities now a days????? I text more than I talk! Combine that with the fact that in 2009 this boy still had no computer or internet access (I communicate via my blog and Facebook just as much as the phone) and it's safe to say that our friendship kind of fizzled out....except with the lack of communication it never was made official. This friend was truly lost to his inability to adapt to the modern world I am living in. He probably doesn't even know I don't live in Chicago anymore!

Such a shame. We lose friends for all sorts of reasons but I think the technology excuse is one we often overlook. I will jump on whatever technology bandwagon comes my way if it means maintaining a social life!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chilly Chicago Curse

For the most part the United States is in the middle of a record breaking cold front. This cold front has even pushed its way down to sunny Florida. I am convinced that this is no coincidence that the winter I move to Florida is the winter the state experiences the coldest temperatures since 1977! WTF??!!!! I guess the Weather Gods didn't want to let me escape Chicago's chilly winters so easily. This entire week has almost made me feel like I never moved. Thank god I didn't get rid of any of my coats. I sure needed one last night when the low temperature was 35 fucking degress. This is crazy. Two weeks ago it was 80. Anyhoo, by Thursday it will be back to 70 degrees and I cannot wait. I want to go to the beach finally!

Other than battling the chilly weather, I have not been up to much. I FINALLY went out and explored West Palm night life. It was just as tragic and trashy and I expected but I did meet a few new people and I actually had a shitfacedfun time with a new friend that I met shortly after moving down here. Saturday night I celebrated a co-worker's birthday at a sushi bar. They pressured me into trying some sushi and I almost threw up but I didn't want to be a poor sport. Afterwards we went bowling and let me just say it was quite sad that the drunken birthday girl could bowl a better score than me. At midnight I left my coworkers and met another new friend at a straight night club here in downtown West Palm Beach. I don't mind straight clubs but from my experiences in Chicago they usually suck. To my surprise this place was actually really good. The music was probably even better than what I heard at the gay bar. The best moment of the night was when the DJ played Kelly Rowland "When Love Takes Over". My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw all the drunk straight boys suddenly flip out, throw their hands in the air and had a major diva moment on the dancefloor singing along. HILARIOUS! LOL!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Resolutuons!

Last year I didn't make any resolutions but I did create a list of things I wanted to do before I left Chicago. I didn't really get through that entire list but here's hoping that I can accomplish all of my 2010 resolutions! Nothing too complicated this year but there are a few things I want to do.

1. Enroll in classes the Berlitz School of Language in Boca Raton. I can fine tune my Spanish and start learning Portuguese finally!

2. Healthy cooking! Yes I am going to attempt to prepare more of my own meals to always ensure I am eating healthy. Low salt and low carb all the way. I feel fat in Florida amonst all of these underwear models! lol

3. Bye bye credit card debt. I am getting rid of this shit once and for all!

4. A second job...not for the money but to gain the experience of working in pharmacy outside of a hospital. I'm happy with just one weekend a month doing something completely different from my full time gig.

5. Travel! I am already planning trips to Chicago, Cancun, NYC....maybe even Toronto but I want to try something completely different this year....maybe Europe? Now that I am so close to the Carribean even a weekend trip to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic sounds fun!

"Where are my keys? I lost my phone!"

Today's post is inspired by Lady Gaga's ode to getting shit faced at the club. This is partly due to the fact that she was in Miami last night in concert (and of the few friends I have down here they were all at the concert! Guess who stayed home? LOL). I also had a revelation. Despite the fact that I have had many shit faced moments in my life, I have never lost my keys, phone or wallet. I may have lost my dignity on several occasions but morals are for pussies if you ask me.

To give an idea of how amazing it is that I after 11 years of drinking I can still manage to make it home safe and sound with all of my personal belongings I must tell the story of the last time I got so wasted that I am shocked I didn't get raped. It was last summer in Chicago. I went out with one of my homegirls who apparently was VERY good friends with one of the bar owners and we kept getting free Goldshlager shots. At 2am I found myself stumbling down the street and eventually sitting next to a light post outside of the neighborhood bathhouse watching the night time sky SPIN like I have never seen before. Being the class act that I am I decided it would be tacky to start puking on the sidewalk so I snuck into the bathhouse via the exit door and found my way to the bathroom where I had the best abdominal work out of my life. Even Paula Abdul would have been impressed by my heaving skills.

Once I was done praying to the bathhouse porcelain throne I managed to walk home. The next morning I woke up fully dressed with my shoes still on.....and surprised that despite the hot mess I was the night before my cell phone, wallet and keys were still in my pockets. Now that is a skill that even the talented Lady Gaga wishes she had!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Worst of 2009

These albums made me and baby Jesus cry :( I meant to post this before the new year but it seems like I have been so busy....doing what iam not quite sure but here is my list nevertheless of the albums that were auditory insults to the world of music in 2009.

1. Kristine W - The Power Of Music: The faux-rock/pop opening tracking featuring has-been rapper Big Daddy Kane is the first indication that this club diva has lost her way on the dancefloor and stmbled upon a crystal meth induced tragic tranny orgy in the bathroom. Kristine W, the US "Queen of Clubs" has always been the underdog in the music industry. She posesses an amazing voice and has a live performance that simply stuns. Her previous albums have had mixed reactions from fans but they always managed to keep her at the top of her club-smart and dance-saavy game. This album is really just about the power of shitty production, shitty songs and shitty covers of songs that really don't need to be covered. Kristine W will no doubt evacuate the dancefloor (and not in a classy Cascada way) with these horrid tunes.

2. Mariah Carey - Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel: Well she at least got the "imperfect" part right. Little can be said of this album because the songs simply are so forgettable. Mimi's whispering as she covers the Foreigner 80's power ballar "I Want To Know What Love Is" is wisely saved for the end of this tragic affair because most listeners will have fallen asleep before getting to hear her rape this classic. If Mariah continues with watered down "Emanicaption of Mimi" demos I am afraid there won't be anymore memoirs to add to her career!

3. Paulina Rubio - Gran City Pop: Well, the cover artwork is probably the best that she has had in years but unfortunately Paulina Rubio's latest offering is just more of the same lite-pop rock with the occasional faggy dance track and a "ranchera" inspired pop song. Maybe Paulina will resume her coke addiction for her next album and come out with something that sounds a bit more interesting that a funeral wake soundtrack.

4. Thalia - Primera Fila: Seriously, why does this woman bother anymore? It's a sad day when even Fey can talk trash about you in a national Mexican entertainment magazine and no one can argue because it is the truth. Thalia's musical releases were once celebrations throught out Latin American. Now her Lyme disease infected ass can barely get people to look twice. After the flop "Lunada" Thalia decided to record a live album.....of all new material. I give her props for the unique concept but considering the new material just sounds like boring acoustic versions of the turds she has been shitting out since 2002 I don't think there is much to brag about here.