Monday, November 23, 2009


During an impulsive moment prior to moving to Florida I almost got rid of all of my jackets and coats. I thought such a defiant act would liberate me once and for all from the cold winters of the midwest. I decided against doing such a ridiculous thing because I have spent way too much money on my fierce Diesel and Energie leather jackets. Also there is that possibilty I might travel north one day during the winter and will desperately need a jacket. I am now discovering another reason to be grateful that I didn't get rid of jackets.....or sweaters for that matter. The buildings down here set their air conditioning to "ARTIC". It was so cold during orientation at my new job last week that someone actually stole some blankets from the nursery. The temperatures in the rest of the hospital aren't much warmer either. Restaurants, stores and government buildings are just as bad. Right now the night time temperature is in the mid-60's yet I can hear the buzz of air conditioners outside coming from my neighbors. I have my patio door open and am enjoying the cool breeze. In fact, I think I have used the AC once. The average high right now is only 85 degrees. I am sure I will be singing a different story once the 110 degree summer weather arrives next year but for now I am going to keep a jacket handy for when I go shopping. Brrrrrrrr!

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