Sunday, February 28, 2010

If I Were a Vampire

So the other day I read that "Ugly Betty" was getting cancelled. I was shocked to hear this sad news. What will become of the cast? I love Vanessa Williams but if this means she will spend more time on her music "career" I am afraid we will only be getting more crappy soccer mom albums. As for the show's star, America Ferrera, how can a girl that is already homely as hell find another role as perfect as "Ugly Betty". Poor thing. Hopeful the gay nephew can land a spot on Rupaul's Drag Race. As much as I am distraught by the news, I must admit that I haven't seen an episode of Ugly Betty since the first season's Thanksgiving special. While I was in school it was simply impossible for me to find time to watch TV but now that I have somewhat of a regular 9-5 schedule and practically every TV show you can think of gets a DVD release I am re-discovering so much stuff.

"True Blood" has quickly become one of my FAVORITE shows as of late. Yes, I am about 2 years behind but I don't give a fuck. I enjoy anything with vampires.....movies, tv shows, books, etc. Surprisingly I have never been a vampire for Halloween. Perhaps because it is too cliche? I am not sure but I definitely think I would make a good one. Nevertheless there are certain vampire themed stories that are complete shit. Twilight would be the perfect example. Vampires are not meant to be made into romantic love stories. How fucking bullshit. I was hesitant at first to watch True Blood because I assumed it was another bastardization of the vampire genre however the $20 I spent at Target was not wasted and I was proved wrong! The show is witty, sexy, funny, smart and at times a little gruemsome.

I somewhat sympathize with the bad vampires of the series. If I were a vampire I wouldn't want to mainstream myself and drink synthetic blood. How boring. Sorry, but if I were to be cursed to be a creature of the night for all eternity I am going to make it fun! On a side note, was I the only one who recognized hottie Nicholas Gonzalez as the homosexual human sex slave of one of the vampires in episode two. I guess his career isn't going that well! LOL

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