Monday, March 29, 2010


So the big celebrity gossip of the week is Ricky Martin's official announcement that he is a homosexual. This is about as shocking as when it was announced the sky is blue. While I think it is unfortunate that Ricky didn't come out sooner, I don't think anyone should criticize the delay. Coming out is not an easy process for any gay man and I can only imagine how difficult it is for an entertainer that is surrounded by management and record companies that pressure artists to conform to whatever will make the most money for them......and in the 90's when Ricky was taking off as a solo artist being openly gay would not have jived with the Latin American record buying public.

I have always adored Ricky. Sure, he is super sexy but for me it has always been his voice. Before "Livin La Vida Loca" Ricky had already established himself as an international recording artist with 15 million albums sold world wide. After his big crossover success he continued to release hit albums, including his MTV Unplugged album. That album will forever be my favorite Ricky album because it really strips away all of the fancy production that often dominated his music and left us simply with his amazing voice. So instead of celebrating Ricky's gayness, let's celebrate his fabulous and fierce contributions to the music industry! These are my Top 5!

1. She Bangs - Granted this may be one of his cheesiest songs and I suspect even Ricky hates it now considering it was omitted from his 2008 greatest hits collection, i absolutely ADORE it. It was fun and catchy. The video was sexy and if you look closely you can see the guy back up dancers fondling Ricky. HOT!

2. Juramento - What's hotter than Ricky Martin? A couple hundred Ricky Martin's in the desert! This was from his "Almas Del Silencio" album that proved Ricky could have an international hit once again in Spanish.

3. Que Dia Es Hoy - Early 90's Ricky was a bit tragic but you got to love his take on Laura Branigan's "Self Control" with its cheesy 90's remix!

4. Drop It On Me - This was the third cancelled single from the floptastic "Life" album. The album was a very misguided attempt to update Ricky's sound but nevertheless I LOVED this song!

5. Dejate Llevar - Also from his "Life" album, it was the Spanish version of this song that proved to be successful along with the sexually charged video. I still listen to this one on a regular basis at the gym!

Ok, so I have to pick one more....."Tu Recuerdo" from the MTV Unplugged album and his most recent #1 single. Ricky at his finest!

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