Friday, January 29, 2010

Bubble Boy

The lack of updates has been unintentional. This working full-time bullshit sucks! LOL. Thank god I am loving my new job. I am approaching the 90 day mark very quickly and I am praying I don't fuck things up. So far so good. The first phase of my training is completed and I have been flying solo for the most part. This job is more than I could have ever imagined. I am glad I didn't follow my original plans to complete post-graduate training. it would have been a complete waste of time!

Moving on........I have been meeting some really nice people down here. The gay scene is absolutely tragic in West Palm Beach but now that the freakish cold spell has finally left Florida I will be more motivated to drive to Fort Lauderdale and Miami for social activities. This weekend I am off and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. the sunshine really does put on in a pleasant mood. Even the psychopath drivers couldn't piss me off today :)

As for the title of my post, it is something that occured to me at the gym today as I was wondering around the equipment and hot boys listening to my iPod. As I gorw older I find myself more and more living in my own little world. I don't like to be the center of attention. A few years back when I did the whole Gay Chicago Socialite thing I became a bit of a "celebrity" and the one thing I learned is that I missed the anonymynity I had before doing all of the clubs, parties, festivals, etc. I think I prefer being that guy who is off to the corner just observing. I like the fact if people don't know who I am or what my deal is because the brave few that dare to find out what's going on in my bubble are generally the ones worth getting to know. Being too popular makes you vulnerable to being too accessible and I have learned that usually isn't a good thing.

So I shall retreat back to my bubble but not before I leave you with the Moenia and Maria jose duet from Moenia latest cash-in live album (wtf, they did a live album just 4 years ago!).

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