Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chilly Chicago Curse

For the most part the United States is in the middle of a record breaking cold front. This cold front has even pushed its way down to sunny Florida. I am convinced that this is no coincidence that the winter I move to Florida is the winter the state experiences the coldest temperatures since 1977! WTF??!!!! I guess the Weather Gods didn't want to let me escape Chicago's chilly winters so easily. This entire week has almost made me feel like I never moved. Thank god I didn't get rid of any of my coats. I sure needed one last night when the low temperature was 35 fucking degress. This is crazy. Two weeks ago it was 80. Anyhoo, by Thursday it will be back to 70 degrees and I cannot wait. I want to go to the beach finally!

Other than battling the chilly weather, I have not been up to much. I FINALLY went out and explored West Palm night life. It was just as tragic and trashy and I expected but I did meet a few new people and I actually had a shitfacedfun time with a new friend that I met shortly after moving down here. Saturday night I celebrated a co-worker's birthday at a sushi bar. They pressured me into trying some sushi and I almost threw up but I didn't want to be a poor sport. Afterwards we went bowling and let me just say it was quite sad that the drunken birthday girl could bowl a better score than me. At midnight I left my coworkers and met another new friend at a straight night club here in downtown West Palm Beach. I don't mind straight clubs but from my experiences in Chicago they usually suck. To my surprise this place was actually really good. The music was probably even better than what I heard at the gay bar. The best moment of the night was when the DJ played Kelly Rowland "When Love Takes Over". My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw all the drunk straight boys suddenly flip out, throw their hands in the air and had a major diva moment on the dancefloor singing along. HILARIOUS! LOL!!!!

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