Friday, December 18, 2009

Best Songs of 2009

For whatever reason, mainstream Top 40 music hasn't been this good since the early 90's! Thank God (or should I say Thank GaGa?) for the pop/dance music revival of 2008/2009. Of course, there were a few songs that were released this year that didn't fall into this genre but here are my 9 favorites of 2009

1. Jay Sean - Down
Ok, so this guy is hot. You don't even need to see him shirtless to realize it (although his sculpted rock hard body is a visual I enjoy seeing every chance I get!). I would have Jay's butt babies in a heart beat but I let me focus on the song at hand.....which is fucking incredible. It's an upbeat pop anthem with enough street credibility to please all ages and crowds. It's no wonder the song ended up at #1 this Fall. Extra points go to Jay's ability to sing falsetto without sounding like a whiny girl on her period (I'm looking at you Justin Timberlake!). Let's hope Jay has a long and prosperous musical career ahead of him. A gay porn or two wouldn't hurt either.

2. Nadia Ali - Love Story
Former iiO lead singer ditches the dorky white DJ and finally creates music that her fans want to hear! Her voice is lovely and at times quite hyponotic on this mellow pop/dance track. The video for the song is a low budget affair but somehow manages to compliment Nadia's lyrics and melody quite well. Even nicer were the various remixes commissioned for the song that made the song more club friendly. The love story here is that I loved this song this year!

3. David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over
I have been patiently waiting for Kelly Rowland's moment to outshine Beyonce and I think it finally came. Despite her continued lack of US support, this song was a worldwide #1 smash hit. Now that Kelly has escaped the clutches of the evil Knowles clan she doesn't have to hold back on the over-the-top diva vocals nor the fierce runway fashions she sports in the video to show off that sickening figure! Beyonce's Thunder Thighs of Terror were no doubt rumbling with envy seeing Kelly finally not looking like a welfare lesbian. Kelly took over indeed now let's hope she can duplicate this success with a follow-up album!

4. Shakira - She Wolf/Loba
At first listen it seems like Shakira is bandwagon jumping again like she did back in 2006 with "Hips Don't Lie" BUT one listen to the lyrics and you know this is not the case. Stop abusing your office's coffee machine and check out Shakira in heat! She howls like a wolf (literally) and her gyrating dance and cooter splitting dance moves in the video will leave even a gay man panting for breath. Shakira's lycanthropy was a welcome addition to any party this year! Just make she's house trained before inviting her to any social events.

5. Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill
Even if you are unemployed with a pocketful of food stamps, this song will make you feel like a million dollar bill. Whitney has risen from the ashes of her drug addiction and public melt down to come back with one of the BEST songs of her career. True Whitney fans will identify this as being this generation's "My Name Is Not Susan". Million Dollar Bill is a spunky, feisty and soulful throw back to 70's disco without sounding desperate or contrived.

6. Luis Enrique - Yo No Se MaƱana
Ok, salsa is one of the most monotonous genres of Latin music. So for one song to have so much success and crossover to pop is quite amazing. When you also consider Luis Enrique's career was assumed to have been over since the 90's, it makes the success of this song even more extraordinary. EVERY station down here in southern Florida play this song constantly so for me it was a bit of a welcoming soundtrack moving down here.

7. Carlos Baute & Marta Sanchez - Colgando En Tus Manos
This is another Latin odditiy. Carlos Baute has always been the poor man's Ricky Martin, which is understandable since he looks like a bleached blonde frog. Marta Sanchez, while an amazing vocalist and treasured Spanish diva, hasn't had a hit outside of her native Spain since the 90's. Out of nowhere the two of them teamed up and re-released this song as a duet from Carlos's 2008 album. Suddenly the two of them are posing half naked and have a hit all throughout Latin America. Go figure. Anyhoo, I think the duet works and I have been a fan of Marta Sanchez since highschool so picking this as one of my favorites was a no brainer!

8. Fey - Lentamente
Fey has always been the little pop star that could...or couldn't. Despite a career full of ups and very big downs, Fey released this poptastic track on her own record label. Some might criticize her for being a little too inspired by Kylie Minogue, BUT I say good for Fey. She did her homework and did it well!

9. Lily Allen - Fuck You
I tend to get really annoyed by all of these critically acclaimed "it" girls. I refuse to even listen to a Duffy or Amy Whinehouse record but one day I accidentally stumbled across this on youtube. Cute beyond belief! I decided to finally give Lily Allen a chance and was surprised that her music wasn't as dreadful as I had thought. "Fuck You" is by far her best. Despite it's title it is actually quite cheerful and puts a smile on my face every time I listen to it!

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  1. OMG! Our taste is so similar. I can't believe I've found another "Colgando En Tus Manos" fans! And Nadia is bliss! X