Sunday, December 6, 2009


This past summer the Pope of Pop, La Toya Jackson, recorded this cinematic masterpiece in honor of her beloved brother. Much like Toy, I too have officially been missing my old home! While I have managed to find the nearest Target, Taco Bell and 24 hour Walgreens (all absolute necessities!) I have discovered this week that there is one thing that Google Maps can't find for me just comfort zone. No I am not referring to the 1991 Vanessa William's album but instead a place where I can go to when I am having a bad day. On Thursday I made a mistake at work and while it really wasn't that big of a deal, both the pharmacy manager and director pulled me into their office along with the other people involved. Shit happens I guess but since I am the "newbie" and am on a 90-day probationary period I was actually very concerned by all of this. Had this happened in Chicago I would have come home and either pigged out at Nancy's Pizza (oh how I miss that stuffed spinach pizza!) or I would have had some cocktails at Sidetrash as I always was sure to run into a bartender I knew or a friend. Alas, none of these are options in my new city. So my lousy day simply spiraled out of control and I went to bed feeling quite depressed. Fortunately I had the following day off. I kept myself busy getting my new driver's license and starting the process of registering my car in Florida (which is apparently going to be complicated!). Last night I finally hung out with a friend from Fort Lauderdale and we went to downtown Miami's hot spot, Discotekka! Wow I hadn't danced that much since......well, the week before when I was at Space! LOL. I guess I can't complain that much afterall!

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