Monday, December 28, 2009

Rise of the Machines

Apparently modern technology has decided to destroy me......or at least make my life very difficult! A few days ago my trusty Norelco electric razor died...well, actually I dropped it so I guess you could say I killed it. It was an accident really. It was razor-slaughter!

Anyhoo, I forked out $130 for a new one at Target (YES FERNANDO, THAT WAS THE SALE PRICE YOU SO OBNOXIOUSLY MENTIONED INSTEAD OF FEELING SORRY FOR ME). and it works like shit. Maybe I just need to break it in? Electric razors aren't know for the giving the closest shaves. However my delicate facial skin simply cannot tolerate a real razor. I shall make do.

Another electronic tragedy occured when my PDA smart phone mysteriously stopped working late Sunday afternoon. I had to scramble to find a place that was still open to remedy this situation. Thank god for Best Buy! I had to get a cheapie regular phone for now until I find a PDA replacement (that won't cost me $500). I know it all sounds silly but I actually used my PDA phone alot for work.

Let's hope nothing else breaks down this week! My DVD player was skipping the other night.......uh oh.....

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