Monday, December 14, 2009


It occured to me the other day that I own alot of underwear. I have all sorts of colors and styles but I tend to stick with just a few select brands. My preference of brands is for the most part due to comfort and variety of colors and styles. I honestly think I own too much underwear. I probably have a pair for every day of the week for the next two months. It's actually quite ridiculous but I admit that I am a victim of underwear advertising. Men's underwear companies probably have the easiest time marketing their product to gay men. I mean, gay men probably make up the bulk of sales, not because straight men don't buy underwear but sex sells and who do you think is going to fall for an advertising campaign that consists of nothing but muscular and well endowed men wearing nothing but a pair of bikini briefs? I think I get a semi-boner almost everytime I am in the underwear department. The Papi brand has been my latest obsession. They have these super cute and comfy hipster boy shorts that fit geniously underneath low cut jeans. They are like a hybrid between briefs and boxer briefs. The company has also been heavily promoting themselves at Macy's all over with uber-homoerotic advertising (mannequins in underwear and angel wings????).

So I salute all of the underwear companies out there today that so brilliantly convince me to spend my hard earned money on overpriced undergarments that for the most part no one ever sees!

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  1. I keep forgetting to trek on over here and check out your new blog! Glad the Papi brand has made you feel so at home in FL :)